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We are not the official Smashers Surprise Egg website, we are super Smashers Surprise Dino Egg fans, we want to share with you our passion and knowledge of these dino and superhero characters!

The best-selling Smashers Surprise Egg and the best offers

Here we bring you a selection of the best-selling Zuru Smashers Surprise Egg at the best price.

PRO TIP: If you want a tip, keep an eye on Amazon, Tesco, Ebay or AliExpress for Smashers Egg deals, cheap surprise dino eggs deals, and special dates like Black Friday or Christmas.

When will Smashers Series 4 or Smashers Series 5 be released?

The first images and information about Zuru Smashers Surprise Egg Series 4 are not available yet.

People often confuse Dino Ice Age series 3 with the Smashers series 4, but this is wrong. Smashers Series 4 is not release yet.

Knowing Zuru company, they won’t stop at just the first series, they are surely already working on the fourth series to have it ready for next year.

At the moment we know that more than 3 new products will be released.

The complete collection, listings, upcoming series, prices, where to buy the toy, detailed names of each funny Smasher and all the information you need.

The Best Price of Smashers Surprise Egg

Depending on the country you live in, and the difficulty of getting the material to you, the price may vary, but if you look in the online shops you will generally find these prices:

  • The basic Zuru Smashers Surprise Mini Egg cost about £7.17
  • If you prefer a big one. You have Zuru Smashers Surprise Epic or Giant Dino Egg. It’s cost between £20.55 and £22.00

Before you buy them in one place, compare prices with other shops like Tesco, Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay to make sure you get them cheap.

Beware of counterfeits, for the price they are worth, it is not worth buying fake ones.

Where to buy cheap Zuru Smashers on sale?

You have several alternatives, as the Zuru company distributes its material in all shops.

  • Online shops: You can buy them in trusted shops such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, or mercado libre. They always have the latest products and very good prices. Take advantage of Amazon’s bargain prices, they are always among the cheapest you can find.
  • Local shops: Normally department stores or shops specializing in toys usually have them. Well-known places such as: Costco, Sainsburys, Carrefour, Asda or Tesco, are always well stocked with envelopes, blister packs and boxes.

Amazon Purchase Guarantee:

If you buy from Amazon you also have all the delivery and quality guarantees of the world’s largest retailer. Those who have an Amazon Premium account can also get free shipping. Take advantage of the benefits and get your order to your door within 24 hours if you live in one of the big cities.

11 reasons to collect Zuru Smashers Surprise Egg

  1. ✓ The characters stimulate children’s creative minds.
  2. ✓ They are very funny and amusing. 
  3. ✓ Children learn to collect and exchange with friends.
  4. ✓ The little ones in the house will never get bored with the multiples series in the collection.
  5. ✓ Several friends can play together and enjoy their own characters.
  6. ✓ They are very cheap, for less than one libra you can already have characters.
  7. ✓ They are easy to transport to another house or location. Just carry them in a bag or small box, and you have everything you need to keep the fun going anywhere.
  8. ✓ They guarantee hours and hours of fun.
  9. ✓ Every purchase is a new surprise, full of excitement to see which character will come out.
  10. ✓ There are always new products coming out. Occasionally, new products and add-ons come out.
  11. ✓ They are original. It’s not a very common toy, and it attracts attention.

What are Zuru Smashers? Smashers Surprise Egg Reviews

What is a Zuru Smashers surprise egg?

Smashers are egg that you can break for opening and find a marvellous surprise. The surprise can be a dino, a ball, something gross… It all depends on the series you buy.

Each character has a unique design, their designs are very different, as we can see from characters in the shape of animals to objects.

There are 3 series at the moment, but new products are coming out this year.

In which countries are Smashers Surprise Egg available for sale?

They are sold in many countries around the world, if you look at the instructions they come in English. Zuru reaches all corners of the world.

You can usually buy them in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, etc. You’re sure to find another Smashers Egg fan in your city to play with or exchange your reprints with.

If you still have some left to finish the collection you can email us, and we will try to help you find them.

ZURU SMASHERS Dino Smash Rex Playset with 2 Exclusive Smashers Series 3

ZURU SMASHERS Dino Smash Rex Playset with 2 Exclusive Smashers Series 3

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Other Zuru Smashers Surprise Egg FAQs

How long is the Smashers collection?

The collection is in series, currently you have series 1 sport, series 2 gross and series 3 dino.

Is it a safe toy?

According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for children over 5 years of age, as the collectable figurines are small and can be dangerous for babies.

What age are Smashers suitable for?

Well, from the age of 5 they can be a good toy until the age of 10 or 13. If you like collecting them, there really is no age limit, even adults go crazy for these little characters, they are great fun on the shelves of the house.

How often do new Smashers series come out?

This is the question every fan is asking, they are usually releasing two series per year, but it depends on how successful they are and how they have sold.

If all goes well, another new series is expected this year, but that depends on the manufacturer.

If the products are out of stock, it is because Amazon has no more in stock. Sometimes they will post an announcement that they are out of stock and a date when they plan to have them back in stock.

In 2020, they have released two collections, and if their success continues they will release more in 2021.

Videos from the Smashers series 3

Here are some videos for you to see the complete series: